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Why Religion Is Important in Public Education.

Religion education is very important to school children who do not get the religious teaching from their parents.

Children ae able to grow morally upright full aware of the way they should behave and and what the community at large expects of a gopod child who is raised in the fear of the religion of that particular state. crimes in the society are reduced at a greater margin considering that the public education system holds so many people who get the chance of learning on their religious values in the society.

Questions about the spiritual background will be tackled without any difficulty in that section. The education give the children the room to know so many things which may be affecting them spiritually and their lives making it easier for them to answer question base on the above.

the teaching of religious education in public schools helps the children develop conscience which leads to them knowing the right thing to do and when to need guidance whenever they are faced with problems and challenges that may drive them to immorality .

Public education of the religion helps people have fear for God, be prayerful, have respect to other human beings leading to them living a life of moral values in the society.

The study of religion will enable children to learn various cultures and believes and (practices of the different communities of the world, by them studying they are able to clear the myths and misconceptions which are in line with the different cultures and believes of the global community. Diversity is one of the factors that affect the daily co-existence of human kind and through religious education to the children,they will understand that different people have diverse understanding of different things and diverse believes hence they will acknowledge and respect each persons culture in the society.

The religious education teaches students on forgiveness , tolerance and that they should not judge anyone at all since if they do it may cause a lot of problem to the society.

The religious education in schools helps crop children into a future ethical, faithful and employees who can be trusted since they grow with the teachings on morality therefore developing into reliable public servants.

The religious education helps the students know the need for respect of personal values and beliefs as well as others.

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